How do you engage employees in any sort of learning?


One of the keys factors before you even begin any sort of learning in the workplace is you need to make sure that you make it relevant, interesting and interactive.

Lindsey Mack, Director and Co Founder of CloudQast believes that making e-learning engaging involves meeting the learner’s implicit question of “what’s in it for me?”

He adds that the e-learning materials should be both purposeful and conversational, be easily navigable, accessible by any mobile device, and kept “bite-sized” and searchable.

So how can you make e-learning relevant, interesting and interactive? Here are some ideas!

  1. Gamification (1). There are two aspects to this. The first is using games to engage the learner.
  2. Gamification (2). The other aspect of gamification is to use badges and/or league tables to encourage learners to learn – and to become recognized as a “top learner.” However, this approach can demotivate some people, especially those who aren’t “sales–oriented” or ambitious for recognition.

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Source: Learning and Development Professional


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