E-learning taking the world by storm!

Are you interested in developing your skills but can’t commit to sitting in a classroom on a specific day?


This is a struggle for lots of people. And sometimes, employers don’t want to approve training because it will take the employee out of the office or cost a fortune to do it in-house. But what if the training was accessible to anyone at any time?

The e-learning industry just keeps growing with no signs of slowing down! In fact, the E-Learning Industry estimates that revenues will be over fifty billion dollars this year alone!

So what make it so special, why is everyone jumping on the e-learning bandwagon? For one, it can be a competitive field out there in today’s workplace, so keeping up on professional development is crucial. But who has all of this extra “free time” and money to actually take classroom courses?

E-Learning allows you to work at your pace, when you can find the time. It gives you the freedom to learn anywhere, anytime. For organizations, it allows multiple employees to take the same program, keeping the cost of professional development low and making it manageable for organizations to encourage their employees to work on continually developing their skills. It also paves the way for just-in-time learning.

E-learning has changed the way we look at education. It has opened doors for people who never thought it possible before.  Here are five key advantages of e-learning in the workplace.

  1. It is efficient and works fastNeed to train 20 new employees on the new software that your organization is now using? No problem! E-learning has the ability to create and communicate new company policies and training throughout your organization in a quick and easy manner. This also guarantees the same quality of training to all employees.
  2. Saves time and moneyMusic to an employer’s ears! E-learning cuts down on travel time and classroom time, thus reduces time away from the office, making it more affordable. So don’t be afraid to ask for the professional development you have had your eye on, e-learning is a win-win for both employers and employees!
  3. Blended LearningBlended learning is a combination of e-learning and classroom training. It tends to result in higher knowledge retention rates as it appeals to a wider range of learning styles.
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint

    Since all course notes, quizzes and assignments are done online; there is no need to print off handouts which helps to save the environment and keeps costs low.

  5. FlexibilityWe are seeing a shift in organizations, allowing employees to work remotely, which can then make organizing in-house training more challenging. Not with e-learning! People can work at their own pace, at their own time.

PSSSSST we have a secret to share with you –

Here at the Labour Leadership Team, we understand how essential professional develop is and making it easily accessible is key. That is why we are working on some amazing on-line courses! To get a sneak peek check out the Alliance Learning website. More details to come!


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