Ever need help providing feedback?


The following are 8 examples of what to do when an Employee…

  1. Has missed a deadline – Highlight the importance of the deliverable, offer ideas for improvement, and ask why they were not able to deliver on it? Offer other suggestions to help them the next time around so they can deliver on time.
  2.  Makes a mistake with a Client – Share with them that mistakes happen and can be fixed, then put measures in place for it not to happen again.
  3. Is rude to a coworker – Take them aside, listen to their side of the story and suggest they apologize and work it out; as you want everyone to get along.
  4. Doesn’t get along with others – Be straightforward. Let them know about the complaints and ask what “we can do to help”. You might want to offer solutions and explain it might be in how they are delivering their message to others.
  5. Is disengaged – Offer help by letting them know you noticed and are there for them. Explain how them not being engaged makes you feel like you are not doing your job well to keep them motivated.
  6. Has not set good goals – Be positive, be specific in how they could have done better and help to set them up for success.
  7. Doesn’t take initiative – Inform them how it affects you and how it makes you feel that you are doing something wrong.
  8. Has poor time management skills – Share with them how it affects the whole team. Provide them with tools to help and suggest they adopt them.
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