Millennial Leadership

Millennial Leadership

Classic leadership principles still have a place in the workplace, but millennial leaders must learn how to apply them in a diverse and multi-generational environment.

Millennials are today growing into leadership roles. The under 35 crowd represented close to 37 per cent of the workforce in 2014, making them the largest generation in the Canadian workforce, reports Canadian Business. Those born between 1981-1995 (ages 20-35) are the fastest growing segment in Canada’s workforce. On a global scale, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that millennials will represent 75 per cent of the workforce worldwide by 2025.

Research from the Canadian Management Centre, a talent development company, found that the eldest of the generation have been in the workforce for at least 10 years, with many already in leadership positions. As young leaders, millennials have at their disposal many leadership books offering tried and tested leadership tips and principles. Whether it is about political strategy (The Art of War), self-help (How to Win Friends and Influence People) or just learning to be an effective worker (The 4-hour Workweek), many of classic leadership tips outlined in these books still hold true in today’s workforce. Leaders are still expected to practice what they preach, have strong emotional intelligence, motivate their team, communicate and listen well.

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Source: The Hamilton Spectator
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