What makes employees happy, healthy, and productive?

Is it the impressive salaries and week-long vacations that make a good workplace? Or is it the environment around you that truly makes you enjoy your job?

Think back to your first few jobs when starting out in the workplace.  Most likely they weren’t the greatest; cleaning bathrooms, standing for long periods of times, getting up at the crack of dawn. So what made you stick with them? I bet most of you would say it was the people you worked with who made the job bearable and even fun at times. You might have even met some of your closest friends working there. At the time you probably didn’t realize it, but you ended up learning some pretty valuable lessons about the working world and that it might not be as easy as you thought!

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what sort of work you are doing, it just depends on the environment around you that you are doing it in. So what do YOU value most about the workplace?

Here are some tips that any business can adopt to help their employees be happy, healthy and productive!

Be flexible

Be Flexible

With the use of technology now a days, it is easy for employees to work remotely.  You don’t have to be in the office 5 days a week from 9:00am to 5:00pm. You can work from home some days or even partial days to be able to take care of the kids – seeing them on the school bus in the morning, or making it to that appointment that was just so hard to get. Being flexible with your employees with working hours and having the option to work remotely shows that you care about them and their families and that they are a valuable asset to the team and are not easily replaced.




Good communication is key to any successful relationship, which includes the one between a Leader and their team.  Your team needs to be current with what is going on, not only for their information but it also makes them feel like they are part of the team.  Making them aware of any changes, new ideas, or even letting them know you will be out of the office on Friday, it’s important to have good communication. It also goes the other way. As an employee make sure that you keep in good communication with your Team Leader as well. Let them know if you are having any issues which might affect your work or trouble writing that report they asked for. No one should be kept in the dark.


recognize success

Recognize Success

When we have accomplished something, we like to be recognized for our achievement. And that doesn’t necessarily mean in a dollar amount, but a simple congrats at the next staff meeting goes a long way. Maybe you completed a course and are now certified or were the highest in sales for the month; it’s nice to be patted on the back for your accomplishments.


offer development opportunities

Offer Development Opportunities

As each industry is ever changing, it’s important to always stay current. This also goes for one’s own professional development. It’s important for a company to ensure that their employees don’t fall behind and encourage them to develop their skills. This contributes to the employees’ self-worth and reassures them that the company does care and is interested in them long-term. Employee development could include bringing training into the office, reimbursing for offsite training or education, and networking opportunities, to name a few.


build trust

Building Trust

The most valued attributes in workplace relationships are: honesty, trust and fairness. This point goes back to one of the above mentioned, communication. Regular communication is important to create trust – it helps keep everyone in the loop so there is no wondering what is going on, which could in turn create gossip. You know the saying honesty is the best policy? Well it’s true! It’s just too hard to keep up a lie; it’s tiring trying to keep your facts right and what was said to Sadie, Bob and Joe. Being honest with your team, will not only build on trust but it will also help create better communication.


receive feedback

Give and receive feedback.

If we don’t tell someone that they are doing something wrong, how will they be able to correct it and improve? We don’t always like to hear feedback about ourselves, but it comes with the territory and it’s part of life! What we can work on is how to give feedback in a positive way, rather than negative and make them feel bad about themselves. It’s important to focus on the future and what they can do next time rather than criticise their mistakes of the past. It’s crucial to address issues in a timely manner – the longer you wait the worse it will be. And remember, it’s not easy giving someone feedback, so keep that in mind at your next evaluation!


provdie a sense of purpose

Provide a sense of purpose

Knowing where one fits into a company will help an employee better understand the role they have on the team and will thus contribute to the overall success of the company. Should one feel like they don’t have a purpose they might not strive to get their work done effectively and efficiently, and over time their work ethic may start to deteriorate.  If a defense player on a soccer team doesn’t understand that they need to protect their goalie and not let the other team by, how are they supposed to contribute to the overall success of the team?  When employees know where they fit in and what their role is, they will be healthier, happier and more productive.

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