13 Signs You’re Actually A Good Leader

Steve Carell from the tv show the Office

One of the hardest things to do is measure our own effectiveness as leaders…especially when we have differing levels of influence.  Often we don’t have a way to actually measure how good we are.  That is why we compiled this list: to help you see if you really are a good leader.

The following are 13 characteristic of a good leader. While reading them and ask yourself, “How am I doing as a leader?”.

1. You Build People Up More Than You Criticize Them

Carlos Sepulveda, previously the CEO of Interstate Batteries, once said, “make sure you give 3 compliments for every piece of criticism.”  This principle is essential. If you are not building others up, then you are failing and limiting your ability to help them with constructive feedback. Nobody wants to be consistently torn down… they want to be built up!

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Source: Inspire More
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