Egan: Why Ottawa’s airport cabbies are right

Locked out taxi drivers take protest to City Hall

Strip away the anger and rhetoric, the noise-making and traffic snarling, the bad PR for visitors and travellers, and the conclusion is inevitable: these cabbies are getting royally hosed.

Even Hanif Patni, the president of Coventry Connections Inc., does not dispute the basic narrative. Coventry and the airport authority negotiated a deal that only works if the drivers of 150 taxis eat the higher fees, possibly costing each of them as much as $1,000 more a month.

And, when the union responded with a resounding no in July — seriously, what else could they say? — they were locked out.

To add to the injury, Coventry then invites cabbies from another bargaining unit — remember, this is the same employer — to do the work of the locked-out ones. How could they not be furious? What kind of poisonous workplace is being manufactured?

Here’s another way to look at it.

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Source: Ottawa Citizen
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