50 is the new 30 – an age worthy of celebration, parties and dancing!

Janet's 50th celebration

Yup – a half century…I recently turned the BIG 5-0 and can hardly fathom where the time has gone…but enough of that.

The BEST part of my birthday this year was a surprise party that my colleagues threw for me at lunch one day. I walked into our Board Room, completely oblivious to the fact that they had been hatching a plan for weeks (that, BTW included the BEST butter tarts in the whole world!!!).

Not only was it all very thoughtful (and tasty) but it really reinforced to me, the value of being a part of a strong work team – a group of people who share a vision around the work that we are doing and really care about it, but just as importantly, we really care about each other. You cannot place a price on the value of looking forward to going to work each day…so many people, unfortunately don’t share my experience.

But it only takes ONE to make a difference. It takes ONE person to “stir the pot”; to “fan the flames”; to “lead the way”.  Are YOU that person in your workplace? What did you do this week to contribute to building a strong work team that you love being a part of? What will you do today?

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