What is this so called ‘gig economy’ we keep hearing about?

We can define ‘gig economy’ as a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs.

With the job industry ever-changing there are endless possibilities of what one can do for work. It is definitely not the same it was 40 years ago! With so many options at your finger tips, why just stick to one?

A recent report from Randstad, a human resources consulting firm, shows that the non-traditional workers make up between 20-30% of the workplace – and this number is expected to grow over the next couple of years. Examples of non-traditional workers include independent contractors, on-demand workers, remote workers.

Senior Vice-President of Randstad Faith Tull says “the workforce is changing and we need to adapt as industry leaders. Employers are driving it but employees are embracing it.” I guess the question is are more going towards this ‘gig economy’ for the flexibility or extra income, or are they being forced into it simply because they cannot find full time employment?

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Are you born a leader or are you made to be a leader?

I would have to say a little bit of both. You must have the drive to be a leader, however with that being said leaders are made. It is not something that happens overnight, it is something you work towards – develop your leadership skills which are learnable traits.

If your goal is to become a leader, here are some skills that you can work towards to be an effective leader.

  1. Positivity is key

If you panic the team panics and that’s not good! No matter how challenging or disheartening, it is important to respond positively.

  1. Recognize Good Work

The most effective leaders recognize and reward others in their company who generate new ideas or work especially hard.

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Kathleen Wynne government ordered a review of workplace law


The working field has changed A LOT over the years. One notable change is part-time and contract work. As it stands right now, benefits are different for part-time and contract workers than they are for full-time employees.  For example, they might not be eligible for sick pay or overtime under the current provincial labour law.

This sparked a serious conversation for our Provincial government, which then lead to the Changing Workplace Review – a review of the changing nature of the workplace in Ontario.

“The world of work that I went into as a young man is not the world of work that young people are going into today,” Labour Minister Kevin Flynn said in an interview with CBC News. “We need to make sure that the regulations are protecting the most vulnerable.”

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Source: CBC News – Toronto
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Bob White has passed away at the age of 81


Bob White was a prominent leader in the Canadian trade union and labour movement and served as the first President of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) for 3 terms. After his time with CAW he was then elected President of the Canadian Labour Congress.

He always had the people’s best interest in mind. “His ability to stand up and do what’s right for working men and women set a new standard for labour leaders,” Chris Taylor, Unifor Local 200 President.

He will be remembered as a labour leader with a heart of gold. He was a “pioneer of the labour movement” and a role model for many.

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Source: CBC News – Windsor
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The Power of Social Recognition

It can sometimes be a challenge to motivate your team and the last thing you want to do is not show appreciate for their hard work. So knowing how and when to acknowledge and give praise can make all the difference.

Source: Kerwin Rae 

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Why is Elearning so beneficial for organizations?


Time and money are two key factors when it comes to organizations and professional development.  They don’t want to take the employee out of the office for a lengthy period and they also don’t want to spend big bucks for their employees to work on their career development. So is the answer to just cut it all together? NO – investing in your people is so very important.

We are seeing a shift from the traditional employee training (classrooms and seminars) to using e-learning as a training method. Several studies have proved that old school learning strategies are just not as effective as they used to be.

Check out these 5 core benefits of e-learning for organizations.

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Don’t ever think your idea is bad, you never know it could land you on Forbes 30 Under 30 list at the age of 19!


Ann Makosinski, a second-year student at the University of British Columbia, invented The Hollow Flashlight as well as the e-Drink. This has gotten her recognized as she appeared on The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon and more recently it was announced that she made the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Makosinski Hallow Flashlight converts body heat into electricity to power an LED lightbulb. She later developed the e-Drink, a mug that uses thermoelectric generators to harness excess heat from coffee to power a phone or music device.

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What do you think is the most challenging when working with Millennials?

Simon Sinek, an author, speaker, and consultant who writes on leadership and management, has an interesting theory on Millennials in the Workplace.

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How can you avoid having dull conversations over the holidays? 

With the holidays around the corner, this means that you will be spending a lot of time with family and friends. This means a lot of dinners and get togethers with lots of people – some you may see often and others not so much. What would you say is one of the biggest challenges that we all face at these get togethers? Topic of conversation of course!

Let’s be honest, there is only so much weather-talk one person can handle and small chit-chat like, “How’s work?” “How are the kids?”, you can do.

You’re in luck – One of our favourite training exercises also makes for a fun game that you can play with your family and friends over the holidays!  This game will not only help you get the conversation flowing, it will also create lots of laughs and some good memories.

So avoid getting trapped into a conversation with Cousin Sue talking about her eight cats or with Uncle Ed going on a rant about the US election. This is a family-friendly fun game, and one that everyone will enjoy.


The soccer ball Icebreaker game (Holiday version) –


Step 1: get a soccer ball (new, old doesn’t matter) and a sharpie – if you are feeling creative get a couple of different colours

Step 2: write out a list of conversation topics ***keep them appropriate, nothing you can’t say in front of your mother!

Step 3: write your questions on the blocks on the soccer ball

How to play the game –

The person who last had their birthday starts with the ball. That person then says someone’s name and tosses them the ball. Whatever question is under their left thumb, is the question they get to read aloud and answer. (At this point you can toss the ball again for take the time for many people to respond to the same question…don’t be surprised if it sparks many robust discussions!)

To help you get started, here is a list of questions you might ask:

  • Place you want to visit
  • Best pizza in town
  • Language you wish you could speak
  • Worst gift you ever received (or given)
  • Cat or Dog
  • Sing your favourite song
  • Favourite movie
  • Most annoying habit
  • Best (or worst) holiday memory
  • Tell a joke
  • 3 things you would take on a deserted island
  • Sing the alphabet backwards
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What is all the hype about e-learning?


Most organizations nowadays are replacing on-site training with a more modern way to provide training to their employees, e-learning. So what is the big deal, why are so many companies doing this?

For one, they are saving a TON of money as they don’t have to bring in an instructor. What if someone can’t make it to the training on that specific day? No problem, with e-learning they can access the training anywhere! It also has proven to increase productivity, which in turn boosts revenue. And who doesn’t like to make money right!

Other than significant cost savings what are some other benefits of e-learning?

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Benefits of online learning


Mature students returning to school often have to be creative with their schedules. This is what makes online learning so great – it fits into anyone’s schedule! Being flexible is a HUGE benefit, but there are lots of other benefits of online learning as well.

Although some might think there is little interaction with the instructor, it is actually the opposite. It provides learners with the ability to interact directly with the instructor. Also, it allows you to go at your own pace, which will help you retain more information.

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Source: Faulkner University

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How do you engage employees in any sort of learning?


One of the keys factors before you even begin any sort of learning in the workplace is you need to make sure that you make it relevant, interesting and interactive.

Lindsey Mack, Director and Co Founder of CloudQast believes that making e-learning engaging involves meeting the learner’s implicit question of “what’s in it for me?”

He adds that the e-learning materials should be both purposeful and conversational, be easily navigable, accessible by any mobile device, and kept “bite-sized” and searchable.

So how can you make e-learning relevant, interesting and interactive? Here are some ideas!

  1. Gamification (1). There are two aspects to this. The first is using games to engage the learner.
  2. Gamification (2). The other aspect of gamification is to use badges and/or league tables to encourage learners to learn – and to become recognized as a “top learner.” However, this approach can demotivate some people, especially those who aren’t “sales–oriented” or ambitious for recognition.

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Source: Learning and Development Professional


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E-learning taking the world by storm!

Are you interested in developing your skills but can’t commit to sitting in a classroom on a specific day?


This is a struggle for lots of people. And sometimes, employers don’t want to approve training because it will take the employee out of the office or cost a fortune to do it in-house. But what if the training was accessible to anyone at any time?

The e-learning industry just keeps growing with no signs of slowing down! In fact, the E-Learning Industry estimates that revenues will be over fifty billion dollars this year alone!

So what make it so special, why is everyone jumping on the e-learning bandwagon? For one, it can be a competitive field out there in today’s workplace, so keeping up on professional development is crucial. But who has all of this extra “free time” and money to actually take classroom courses?

E-Learning allows you to work at your pace, when you can find the time. It gives you the freedom to learn anywhere, anytime. For organizations, it allows multiple employees to take the same program, keeping the cost of professional development low and making it manageable for organizations to encourage their employees to work on continually developing their skills. It also paves the way for just-in-time learning.

E-learning has changed the way we look at education. It has opened doors for people who never thought it possible before.  Here are five key advantages of e-learning in the workplace.

  1. It is efficient and works fastNeed to train 20 new employees on the new software that your organization is now using? No problem! E-learning has the ability to create and communicate new company policies and training throughout your organization in a quick and easy manner. This also guarantees the same quality of training to all employees.
  2. Saves time and moneyMusic to an employer’s ears! E-learning cuts down on travel time and classroom time, thus reduces time away from the office, making it more affordable. So don’t be afraid to ask for the professional development you have had your eye on, e-learning is a win-win for both employers and employees!
  3. Blended LearningBlended learning is a combination of e-learning and classroom training. It tends to result in higher knowledge retention rates as it appeals to a wider range of learning styles.
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint

    Since all course notes, quizzes and assignments are done online; there is no need to print off handouts which helps to save the environment and keeps costs low.

  5. FlexibilityWe are seeing a shift in organizations, allowing employees to work remotely, which can then make organizing in-house training more challenging. Not with e-learning! People can work at their own pace, at their own time.

PSSSSST we have a secret to share with you –

Here at the Labour Leadership Team, we understand how essential professional develop is and making it easily accessible is key. That is why we are working on some amazing on-line courses! To get a sneak peek check out the Alliance Learning website. More details to come!


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Feel like you are in a creative thinking rut?


Sometimes it is hard to put our creative thinking caps on – could be outside distractions, not in the mood, or lack confidence. Well fret no further!

E-Learning Infographics has come up with 9 simple ways that you can improve your creativity. These helpful tips will help you to improve your creativity at work and in life! These simple tips will not only help you to retrain the mind towards the habit of creative thinking but also stimulate your environment to create the space for more creative output.

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Workplace Chemisty is Important!

workplace periodic table

It is important to create that workplace cultural that employees thrive in – you can even say that the right formula is just what you need create employee engagement! It all starts from the top senior leaders, they need to set an example and make sure that the formula is understood and executed by other leaders throughout the organization.

The Workforce Institute at Kronos has conduct several studies about employee engagement and during their third and final study they developed a Periodic Table of Elements for a Highly Engaging Workplace Cultural.

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Source: E-Learning Infographics
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If you are waiting for something in the mail, don’t worry, it should arrive on time! 


Director of the Centre for Labour Management Relations and associate professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Maurice Mazerolle, is “reasonably confident” that there will be no interruptions for Canadian mail service. “It sounds like they’re narrowing the issues,” Mazerolle said. “There may be the makings of a resolution.”

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Source: CBC News – Business
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What can you do to get your employees to go that extra mile?


One question that haunts every manager: how can you motivate your employees to take that extra step every time?

Some like to use these old-school tactics however it can sometimes work reserve and you could end up demotivating them.

Here is what we suggest. Try to create an environment where employees have the option of professional development. If they are curious to learn more, they will grow. They will want to take that extra step every time, it will become natural for them.

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Source: Business 2 Community
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We are getting there, but just not quite there according to the OECD

OECD on Canada after the recession

In the recent issue of The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), they state that the Canadian labour market is doing better than in many other countries but it hasn’t fully recovered to pre-recession levels.

Angel Gurria, OECD secretary-general said that Canada needs to adopt policies that will kick-start wage growth and productivity. “The job of healing the employment market is only half done: back at work, but out of pocket,” Gurria said in a statement.

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Source: Benefits Canada
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Canada Day 2016: Answering the world’s questions about Canada

Happy Canada Day!

You think you might know everything there is to know about Canada, but I think this video might just prove you wrong! Watch to find out some new fun facts, including the name of the longest lake in the country.


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Source: Global News
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Here’s why e-learning is becoming more popular

He doesn't have to go far for instant access...

Online learning has been possible for over a decade, however it has only recently begun to take the student population by storm.

Once seen as ‘lesser’ than traditional classroom learning, e-learning and online courses were shunned by students in favor of physical colleges and degree courses, with many being misinformed that an online degree was less effective or worth less than its traditional counterparts. However, as this misinformation has been debunked by experts stressing that online learning could actually be a more effective alternative. There has been a significant increase in the number of undergraduate and postgraduate students taking classes online.

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Source: The INSCMagazine

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Are you looking to move up the ladder, but don’t really know where to start?

Looking to further your career? Want to get that promotion at work?

Learn how to stand out from the rest!

Stand out from the rest

Do you feel like there just isn’t room for growth in your current job and your organization lacks in the resource department to help develop your skills? Does this make you want to start searching for new employment? This doesn’t have to be the case!

Even though you feel like your organization needs to improve on their professional development resources, that shouldn’t be a reason for you to leave if you like where you are. Just because they don’t offer any actual training or programs to help develop your leadership skills doesn’t mean you can’t work on them yourself.

Whether you are in IT or Administration, leadership skills are essential for any position. You don’t have to be in a management position in order to show you have leadership skills. Take action! Don’t just sit back and wait for that promotion to come to you, show them what you’re made of!

Here are a few ways you can enhance your leadership skills and help create opportunities for growth in your career.

1. Know your co-workers

One of the most important things about being a leader is knowing who you are working with – their strengths, weakness and how they work with one another. I know some people don’t like small talk, but that’s one way to show that you care. Ask them how their weekend was, can you help them out with anything, how are the kids doing (or their dogs!). Doesn’t always have to be about work!

One of the easiest ways to fit in this small chit chat is over lunch. Make the effort to take a lunch break and sit with your co-workers. If you are having a super busy day (which we all know can happen) do a walk-by just to say hi.

Remember, it’s the small things that mean the most.

2. Be a team player

Yes, it is important to get your work done, but if there is someone down, the whole team is down. It’s important to work together to ensure the team can reach its maximum potential. When a teammate has a penalty in a hockey game, for example, they are playing “short”. That means the rest of the players have to work extra hard to make sure that the other team doesn’t score. They all work together to get the job done.

If you see someone struggling to keep up, doesn’t matter what title they have, ask them what you can do to make things easier. Never leave a teammate behind!

3. Go above and beyond

Take that one extra step every time! Take pride not only in your work but in your organization. If you notice something, like the copier machine needs to be replaced, let the right person know. Maybe even create a comparison list of three copiers you think would be good to replace it with.

Not only does this make you look good, it shows that you care, that you are looking long term and want to better the office. Whether it’s something big or small, that doesn’t matter. You are showing initiative, taking action and in turn proving that you are a self-starter.

4. Take on more responsibilities

If you don’t feel like you are being challenged enough, looking for a new job isn’t always the answer. Talk with your team leaders; tell them that you are ready to take on more, bigger tasks. It might look like there is nothing for you, but you won’t know until you ask!

Go into the meeting with a positive attitude and an idea or two. Maybe suggest that you could lead the next team meeting or create a proper manual for new hires, even train/mentor them. If you are prepared they will know you mean business and think to themselves, “Hey this is someone we want around!”


Some of this might be out of your comfort zone, but it’s good practice. Becoming an effective leader is not an overnight transition, it takes work and determination, but if you really want something, it’s never far out of reach.

Source: Mashable.com

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Liberals to repeal anti-strike legislation that redefined ‘essential service’

Members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada

Treasury Board President Scott Brison will repeal changes the Harper government enacted that made it more difficult for federal public servants to strike by expanding the definition of what constitutes an essential service.

“As another important step in rebuilding the relationship with Canada’s public service, we are moving to repeal changes to the public service labour relations regime brought into law by the previous government,” Brison said in a statement Wednesday, noting the legislation will be introduced in the fall.

The 2014 budget omnibus bill made it illegal for any federal bargaining unit to strike if 80 per cent or more of the positions in that unit are declared necessary for providing an essential service.

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Source: CBC News – Politics
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Telecommuting growing as companies look to save money, respond to employees

working from home
Like many Canadians, Carla Holub has gladly given up commuting for the ease and comfort of working from home.
The 41-year-old WestJet sales agent says she has no regrets since she made the change three years ago. Telecommuting affords her the time to take her children to dance lessons and hockey while reducing her lunch, coffee, gas and car insurance costs, she says.
“It’s been a great switch,” she said from Calgary. “It just freed up a good two hours of my personal time being able to work from my home office.”
WestJet Airlines plans to establish a bilingual call centre in Moncton, N.B., but most of the 400 agents will work from home. They will join about 85 per cent of the airline’s 900 call centre workers in Calgary who since 2013 have shifted to fielding customer calls remotely.
Source: CBC News – Business
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Transgender Ottawa woman urges lawmakers to pass new rights bill


An Ottawa transgender woman who also has a 13-year-old transgender daughter says she feels “joy and “excitement” but also “fear” over anticipated federal government legislation that would give legal and human rights protections to transgender people.

Zoe Knox, 43, said the forthcoming bill will be a “huge step towards acceptance” for people like her and her daughter Alexis.

The Liberal government is set to table legislation on Tuesday — the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia — that will seek to eliminate discrimination of transgender people.

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Source: CBC News Ottawa
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Thinking of a Career change? Take time to consider all…


Indeed times have changed!

When I started my career, it was very common to begin working for one company, and spend most of your career as a “loyal employee“… after all that’s what our parents and grandparents did, and as a result earned the gold watch after 30, 40 or 50 years of service! It was viewed as quite an accomplishment if you were able to stay with one company for a long period of time without being fired or laid off.

Today, people change employers numerous times over the course of their career. According to a study done by Workopolis, Generation Y (class of 2002) will have 3.9 jobs over their first 12 years on the job market. That means that they change jobs 22% more often over a 12 year period than Generation X (class of 1992).

If you are thinking about making the leap, what considerations are you thinking about? Salary increase? Looking for more of a challenge? Location? Whatever it is, making a change in your career is a HUGE decision and requires a great deal of thought.

Money tends to be a significant motivator when thinking about making a career change. But what else should you think about before considering a career change? Here are 10 items that may help you to decide if making the leap is right move for you.

  1. Wages + benefits + RRSP contribution + training allowance. All four are important and make up your total compensation package.
  2. Your cultural/personal fit with the organization and its owners/directors.
  3. How the new job fits into your short- and long-term career objectives (with regard to role, industry, developmental opportunities, etc.);
  4. The corporate brand you will be representing – can you be associated with and take pride in it?
  5. Your need for work-life balance coupled with the anticipated schedule and workload/travel requirements.
  6. The quality and type of work you will be doing.
  7. The number of people who will be reporting to you and the level of responsibility associated with the position.
  8. The importance (to you) of job security, stability, and/or the entrepreneurial nature of the work.
  9. Work location (commuting can be tiresome so factor it in there).
  10. The personality and management style of the person or people to whom you will be reporting.

Keep in mind that the only person who can decide on taking that leap is YOU! Don’t feel pressure to change careers if you truly don’t want to and are happy where you are.

Source: Canadian Lawyer Magazine 
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Postal union expects Liberals to stay out of any labour dispute at Canada Post

Postal strike and liberals

OTTAWA – The union representing more than 50,000 postal workers says it expects the federal Liberals to refrain from legislating their way through a potential labour dispute at Canada Post – in contrast to what the previous Conservative government did five years ago.

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Source: Global News
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How to engage employees in Mental Health Week

Mental health week

Employers are being encouraged to engage employees in the 65th annual Mental Health Week, from May 2-8, an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health and the stigma that often accompanies it.

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Employee engagement is about R-E-S-P-E-C-T


Cut turnover, boost morale and increase bottom line

If you were to measure employee satisfaction in your organization, what would you hope to discover? Would you expect to learn that employees really like their jobs?

Would you anticipate employees intend to stay with your organization? Would you expect confirmation that salary and benefits result in satisfied employees?

Or, would you consider assessing employee satisfaction a waste of time and money?

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Where’s the employer feedback in the interview process?

 Feedback from Employers

Companies complain about the skills gap, but how can candidates improve and close that gap if they don’t know what they’re lacking?

One of the first experiences a candidate has with your company happens during the interview process — don’t ignore that. Openness, transparency and a good feedback loop starts from the very first moment a candidate’s identified.

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Source: CIO.com
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ceo for a day.png

Motivated student turns to MEC for diversified experience

Scott Henry isn’t one of those university students who needs motivation.Before he turned 20 in December, Mr. Henry did an internship at the World Bank in Washington, took part in an academic exchange with the Copenhagen Business School, and worked at a technology innovation hub in Kenya.

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Source: The Globe and Mail
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Be happy at work: Enjoy what you do

Be Happy at Work

Well, here’s a shocker.

“Skills are more important than passion,” said Kelowna-based motivational speaker, trainer and author Reen Rose.

It’s a bold statement, considering virtually every other career-and-life guru waxes lyrical about passion being the key to everything.

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Source:Kelowna Daily Courier


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Ever need help providing feedback?


The following are 8 examples of what to do when an Employee…

  1. Has missed a deadline – Highlight the importance of the deliverable, offer ideas for improvement, and ask why they were not able to deliver on it? Offer other suggestions to help them the next time around so they can deliver on time.
  2.  Makes a mistake with a Client – Share with them that mistakes happen and can be fixed, then put measures in place for it not to happen again.
  3. Is rude to a coworker – Take them aside, listen to their side of the story and suggest they apologize and work it out; as you want everyone to get along.
  4. Doesn’t get along with others – Be straightforward. Let them know about the complaints and ask what “we can do to help”. You might want to offer solutions and explain it might be in how they are delivering their message to others.
  5. Is disengaged – Offer help by letting them know you noticed and are there for them. Explain how them not being engaged makes you feel like you are not doing your job well to keep them motivated.
  6. Has not set good goals – Be positive, be specific in how they could have done better and help to set them up for success.
  7. Doesn’t take initiative – Inform them how it affects you and how it makes you feel that you are doing something wrong.
  8. Has poor time management skills – Share with them how it affects the whole team. Provide them with tools to help and suggest they adopt them.
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Zara employee accuses store of discrimination over her hairstyle

Hair Braids.png

An employee at a Zara store in Toronto’s east end said she will likely quit her job and file a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission after managers gave her a hard time about her hair.

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Source: CBC News

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Crown Royal plant employees reject latest deal

crown royal

Gimli, Man., distillery employees hit the picket lines in early March
Negotiations have stalled again between Crown Royal distillery employees and their employer, a month after workers first hit the picket lines.
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Source: CBC News
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Punchtime is a made-in-Ottawa app designed to help employers automate time sheets and payroll for their employees, but the technology is also raising privacy concerns.

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Source:Simon Gardner/CBC
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Jon Snow? Or Cersei? List of Canadian oddball job interview questions

Oddball Job Interview Questions

Here are the Top 10 oddball job interview questions in Canada for the past year, according to a study by Glassdoor, a jobs and recruiting company, based on hundreds of thousands of interview questions shared by job candidates Read More

Source: BNN News


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How to manage three generations as one team

How to Effectively Manage a Multi-generational Workplace Infographic
Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographic






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Embracing diversity in the workplace requires understanding, not just tolerance

embracing diversity.jpg

Workplace psychologist says having understanding will result in happier, more efficient workplaces

Workplaces can be very diverse, and when it comes to navigating that diversity people need to go beyond simply tolerating differences, says workplace psychologist Jennifer Newman.

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Source: CBC News

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Employee retention through making orange juice

employee retention and orange juice

Employers who embrace their challenges get to innovate, rethink needs

People cite the importance of retaining people at a time when “wandering talent” is the norm while understanding that some turnover is healthy as it refreshes the workforce with new ideas, different perspectives and different experiences. (I love the term wandering talent, as offered by one of the participants). .

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Source: By Pierre Battah/CBC News
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Why robots aren’t ready to manage human workforces (yet)

Pepper_Customer Service Robot

Robots make excellent task-masters and time-keepers—but that’s not the same as the real job of managing people

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Source: Canadian Business
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Ottawa restaurant’s male servers get taste of workplace discrimination

Men in heels.jpg

This pretty much sums up the way men working at the Ottawa restaurant Union Local 613 felt about serving customers in short dresses and high heels on Wednesday night:

“If this is what women have to deal with in days or weeks or years of working in restaurants, or wherever they’re working, then I can’t even really imagine that, actually. It’s kind of tough,” said busser and server James Tilden. 

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Source: CBC News
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Why employees leave for new opportunities

Why Employees Leave_Globe and Mail

Employee retention is no longer only about making employees happy in the present — employers also have to consider their satisfaction with the future.

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Source: Globe and Mail
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Canada’s Best Diversity Employers

Diversity employers

Now entering its 10th year, Canada’s Best Diversity Employers recognizes employers across Canada that have exceptional workplace diversity and inclusiveness programs.

This competition recognizes successful diversity initiatives in a variety of areas, including programs for employees from five groups: (a) Women; (b) Members of visible minorities; (c) Persons with disabilities; (d) Aboriginal peoples; and (e) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered/Transsexual (LGBT) peoples.

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Source: Globe


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6 Tips to help achieve work-life balance


  1. Begin by eating properly, exercising and getting the proper amount of sleep. As a result you will feel more energized and ready to take on your day.
  2. Take mini breaks every couple of hours. Take 10 minutes every two hours to dance around the office, stretch, or whatever it takes to loosen you up.
  3. Take a vacation. It allows you to recharge and come back refreshed and more productive.
  4. Set realistic daily work goals, and at the end of each day write down your priorities for tomorrow.
  5. Learn to say “no” and don’t feel guilty for it!
  6. Perhaps there are other ways you can achieve a better balance? Flex hours, remote office, compressed workweek…consider your options.
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Canadian Labour Congress proposes plan to create 1 million ‘climate jobs’

create one million climate jobs

One Million Climate Jobs plan proposes the federal government invests $81 billion over 5 years.

The Canadian Labour Congress is calling on the federal government to invest about $81 billion over five years in green infrastructure — which it believes will result in over one million “climate jobs” while reducing Canada’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

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Source: CBC

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Anti-Muslim hate crimes on the rise


So-called ‘bystander effect’ means we don’t always step up when we see discrimination 

Marketplace investigates if Canadians would come to the aid of a stranger when discrimination is involved. Read More

Source: CBC News


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Germany’s bizarre version of capitalism…

Where bosses and workers actually cooperate!

Much of the beauty of capitalism is in its ability to be crafted to suit different cultures, times, and contexts. Read More


Source: Qz.com
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Creating a respectful workplace

Greely_The Compass news_workplace harrassement

Sexual harassment is not criminal in Canada, rather it’s a human rights violation.

Canadian Labour Relations website reports that 10 per cent of Canadian workers ages 19 to 24 reported being victims of sexual harassment in the workplace within the year prior to the survey. Over 90 per cent said they had experienced it in their lifetime.  

This local electrician understands the sting of sexual harassment…

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Source: The Compass News
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Workplace cultures thrive when individuals learn continuously and collaborate brilliantly

Leadership trends 2016_CBC

Workplaces and leaders evolve continuously. They sometimes do so gradually and without notice or in other instances they lurch forward or, regrettably take several steps backwards.

The start of a new year is a time to reflect on the trends that will shape workplaces in 2016 and beyond. The year 2016 will begin with a workplace hangover…

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Source: CBC
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Maybe your workplace should be a democracy

Democracy_globe and mail

David Cowan is a business dialogue coach and visiting scholar at Boston College. He is the author of Internal Communication: How to Build Employee Engagement and Performance.

Here’s a radical idea for Canadian companies: Create democracy in your workplace. I don’t mean introducing a voting system – I mean having open dialogue, and getting more meaningful input from employees.

This is a catch-all ASF view; only displays when an unsupported article type is put in an ASF drop zone.  Let’s look at the usual company dialogue.

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Source: Globe and Mail

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